Develop your own Upvise Application with our UpviseJS Framework

We are pleased to announce the public release of our UpviseJS framework to any existing Upvise customers and developers.

Read our Getting Started Tutorial, browse the Programming Guides, checkout the samples and start creating your dream business application.

  • 10x faster than traditional native and web development
  • Multi Platform: Android, iOs, Windows Phone and Web
  • Native UI for best performance and Offline support
  • Rich Device integration : Map, Chart, GPS, NFC, Camera, PDF, phone calls, SMS,…

For Developers, UpviseJS brings:

  • Fully based on JavaScript, the most popular and used language in the world
  • Clean, High Level, well documented API
  • Hide Plumbing : sync, authentication, data storage
  • Deploy Instantly to devices
  • Rich Integrated Cloud IDE : auto-complete, emulator, contextual help, debugger, database viewer