External Job Request Form

We have introduced the following functionality in the Jobs app:

A Job Request form is now available at a private URL, which you can share with an external user.

The user fills in the form with data related to the Company and/or Contact requesting the Job, and a description, as well as date, time and address of the Job.

When the user submits the form, a Job is created in your Upvise account with the data entered by the external user, and a notification email is sent to the email address specified in your account settings. The Job is created as Unassigned and is listed in the Open/Unassigned section of the Jobs app.

You will find the Job Request Form URL in the Jobs web app Options menu / External Job Request tab. You can also configure the notification email in this screen.


One thought on “External Job Request Form

  1. Awesome! You guys rock!

    We were wondering if you could add a couple more things and we can roll this out for dispatching outside of upvise:

    1. Some callers will be individual homeowners so they will not have company name (thus this doesn’t need to be mandatory)

    2. The ability to look up existing data via the field for contact name/company name – there will be existing customers that call in so all the information doesn’t have to be asked again. If not already in system contact address bc it’s sometimes different from job address

    3. Being able to assign this to someone, a look up field for existing data for “Owner”, which would be a team member (i.e.) “My Team” so it can be dispatched

    4. In section 2 adding the field “Name” due to this being in the app for reference

    5. Lastly, if there’s anyway there can be a field for “custom fields” specifically the contact customer field (F1) and have a lookup function for existing data for that in the first section. This is really a formatting issue but for us is a big deal. This is the field we titled “Worked Performed By”. Also, for future users that might need something more maybe have a couple of additional customer fields and if people want to use them they can!

    My opinion is that if you guys can do this your going to have a product that beats everything out there, and i know because i tried over 100 apps for dispatching! And you can send me any and all reviews sites and i’ll give you guys a 5 star. Thanks so much!

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