Add Photos to Job products

You can no attach photo, files or scanned document to a Job product in the Upvise Jobs mobile app.

This is useful to track expenses receipts added as a product in a job.

How to use it:

  1. on  mobile, find a job and open it
  2. Tap  + icon > New Product
  3. select a product category
  4. in the “add product” screen, tap “Add Photo”

One thought on “Add Photos to Job products

  1. Hey, we are trying to use Upvise to create work orders to be dispatched to techs in the field. Problem is that when the call center takes call it takes them 10+ minutes to input the data. Is there any one that you know of that can make it where someone can just fill out a form and then push this to Upvise? This is a huge hold up on me rolling this system our for our company.

    This needs to do a) create a contact and b) create a job for that contact

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