Create Packing Slip from Invoice

A Packing Slip is a document included with the shipment of goods and services, to inform your customer on the items and quantity included in the shipment.

N.B.: to start using packing slips, goto the Sales web app  > Options item in the left pane / Display tab, and check the box next to Packing Slips.

To create a Packing Slip from an Invoice:

  1. open the Invoice
  2. on mobile, tap on the Create Packing Slip button
  3. or on the web click on the three-dot menu and select Create Packing Slip

The Client info and list of Products is copied from the Invoice to the new Packing Slip. The Packing Slip number is new and different from the Invoice number.

Set the Shipped Quantities in your delivery for each Product.



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