Upvise Various App Updates

1. Files App: new description field in Edit File.
Fully searchable in web and mobile apps

2. Projects App on Android

  • Added bulk file or floor plan download from the Project app on Android App.
  • In the Projects mobile app in Android, go to Projects App, tap on a project, then Plans or Files. There is a new Download button for batch downloads.
  • It only download files not already im the cache.

3. Maintenance Web App
Enhanced Web view for Maintenance Site and Asset Screen with new color coded cards instead of tabs bor better UI

4. Contacts Web App

  • Enhanced Web view for View Contact & View Company Screen with new color coded Activity cards instead of tabs for better UI.
  • New Options on Web to display Contact / Company Note List on main screen for quick activity review

5. Job Web App

  • in Equipment Allocation : you can now select multiple Equipment groups to allocate job against equipment.
  • Go to Jobs web app, Options > Equipment tab

6. Notes Web App
Updated UI with context menu, new left pane and toolbar icons

7. Forms Web App : added a File Picker Field.

  • In Forms Template Editor, click on ComboBox and choose File at the bottom of the popup list.
    Then select a File folder to restrict the file options.
  • NB: This feature requires the Files app to be added and enabled in the user account.


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