Jobs App update: Equipment Allocation

You can now allocate an Equipment, like a truck or vehicle,  against a job and schedule  the allocation using drag and drop in the calendar view on the web.

We also added a new status for job using equipment: On the road.  Managers can now see the users currently going to work on a map.

We also capture the start time of the journey, so managers can use this information for invoicing the duration of the job if needed.

On mobile,  if the equipment has not been pre-allocated, users can pick one in the list or scan the vehicle Qr-code for even faster operation.


  • Make sure you have the Equipment app installed
  • In the Equipment app, create a new group, and add some equipment to it. Make sure the description and serial number are set
  • In the Jobs web app, go to Options, in the Equipment tab, select the group you just created. This group will be used to allocated vehicles against jobs.

Allocate Jobs against equipment in Calendar view

  • go to the Jobs web app
  • In the Calendar screen from left pane, click on Day or Week tab
  • then click on the Vehicle icon in the toolbar to view Jobs allocated against the equipment
  • You can drag and drop or right click jobs to allocate them

Use the new On the Road status

  • open the Jobs app on your phone
  • Find a job allocated to you for today.
  • Tap “Start Journey”. If the job has not equipment allocated, select one.
  • Once you arrive at destination, tap Check In, then Complete
  •  On web or mobile, click on the Info icon / History section of a completed job to see the Start Journey  time



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