Redesigned Upvise Projects Web App

We are pleased to announce we just released  a redesign of the Upvise Projects Web app. The new version will keep all existing features but with a brand new View Project screen.
The logical organization of the different records share a lot with the Projects mobile app.

The View Project screen, with just 5 tabs.

1. For the Project tab, we introduced a new design with “cards”, regrouped in 4 sections:

  • Files : contains Files, Photos and Plans
  • Activity : contains Tasks, Notes, Events and Jobs
  • Forms: contains all the form templates for the projects
  • Site Control: Equipment and Consumables (Products)

Cards have a left border color : blue if some records are not completed, yellow if overdue and gray by default. This is used for the Tasks, Jobs and Event cards.


2. The Info tab contains all the project properties, including project owners and contacts

3. The Schedule tab contains Start, End Date and Milestones


4. The Time tab contains the dasbhoard comparing Planned and actual logged time

5. Finance tab : contains the project budget, margin, cost and all Quotes, Invoices, PO and Expenses





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