Project Tasks assigned in sequence

In a Project, you can automate the creation of tasks using templates. This is useful when the set of tasks to be performed in each new project is always the same.

In a project template by default, tasks are specified with a due date that is calculated from the Project Creation Date. Example: Due date = 4 days after project creation date.

You  also have the option to create tasks that do not have a specific due date at project creation, but the task becomes due automatically on completion of the previous task in the template list.

To activate this functionality, goto the Projects web app Options menu, Templates tab, open or create a new template, and check the setting: “Assign Tasks automatically in sequence”.
On completion of each task in the project template, the Assignee of the next task in order of Rank will be automatically notified and the Due Date for this next task will be set to Today.

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