Daily Prestart Safety Forms in Jobs app

We just released a new feature in the Jobs mobile app : the option to force the user on field to fill-in and submit a daily pre-start safety form before starting his work.

Initial Setup

  • on the Forms web app, create a new Form Template
  • adds any field you want, we recommend using Question fields (Yes / No / NA). Make sure the check the option : Mandatory field for each fields you want  the technicians to answer.
  • on the Jobs web app, click on Options on the left page and then on the Safety tab
  • choose the form template you just created in the pre-start form field

On the mobile,

  • login to Upvise ans start the Uvpise  Jobs app
  • If the user has jobs assigned to him for today, we will see a screen asking him to fill-in and submit the safety form you just defined. This screen will appear at the start the Job app on mobile once per day provided that the user has jobs for this day.
  • He must fill-in and submit by tapping at the Submit button at the bottom of the screen to access the Jobs application and start working on his jobs.


On the Job Web Dashboard screen,

  • There is a new Safety tab, you will find a new dashboard showing key statistics about the safety forms.
  • It displays the total number of submitted safety forms for today and the last 30 days
  • We also display the number of safety form who have FAILED.
  • A form is flagged as failed if there is one or more question with a response NO.



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