Custom Job Status & colors

You can now  create custom statuses for your jobs.

Step 1: Define custom status using groups

  1. Go to the Jobs Web App
  2. Tap on Options in the left pane, then the Groups tab
  3. Click on the + icon to create a new group and set a custom name and color
  4. use the rank field to order your groups

If you want to see the job group color in the Calendar view, instead of the default job status color, check: “Use group color on Calendar

Step 2 : Assign a job to a group

  • in any list view, for example in the Open jobs view, right click any job and tap on Change Group context menu
  • You can also now right click the job on the Calendar view
  • You can also edit a job and change its group

Step 3: Browse Jobs by group

The new Groups view from the left pane on the web gives you the list of jobs for each group

Step 4: View Job group change history

  • open a job on the web or mobile
  • In the Notes tab, there is an history of all job group changes, date and staff who performed the change




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