Multiple currencies in Sales and improved Quote creation workflow

Multiple Currencies in Deals, Quotes, Invoices:

In the Sales Options menu, there is a new Currencies tab where you can specify the reference Currency for your account, as well as a list of other currencies with exchange rates to the reference Currency.

Click on New Rate in the toolbar to add a new currency. You can choose from the existing currencies, or add your own currency by clicking on Add new at the bottom of the currency drop down list.

You can now set the currency of a Deal.

When you create deals, quotes or invoices in different currencies, the dashboard totals will be calculated by converting the foreign exchange currencies into the reference Currency.

Improved workflow for adding Products to Quotes:

The number of steps required when adding multiple products to a new Quote has been reduced by half. The Add more button on the Add Product confirmation screen returns to the previous list of products instead of the main Quote screen. Tap on Done when you’re done.

The Add Products button now allows to select both Products and Services to add to a quote and the Add Service item has been removed from the popup menu.

Other changes:

  • Increased performance when viewing and searching quotes on mobile
  • Quote and Invoice lists on mobile sort by date descending instead of name by default.

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