Jobs App Enhancements

  • PDF Floor Plan support in Job : add Note, Photo and Form location on a custom floor plan for your job
  • Automatically  archive completed job PDF by email. Go to Job Web App > Settings on the left pane, Job Completion tab to configure the archive email
  • Create Jobs from Project app. in the Project view screen, top + and create a new job linked to the current project
  • New Instant Push notification when a job is assigned to a user
  • Enhanced PDF Job export, combining add notes, tasks and forms for the job
  • Export Calendar Job List in PDF or Excel format (Day, Week or Month). Very useful to distribute a list of jobs to do for the day of week for user who do not have access to the mobile app
  • Multi User Job assignment with Drag and Drop in Calendar View. Simply press the Control Key while dragging the Job to a new user.
  • Streamlined Job Web Interface : merged List and Open Job list view, contextual Map icon in Day view
  • Enhanced Job Web search  : with instant search address and client lookup

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