QR Code Support

We just added full support of QR Code in Upvise, including:

  •  Batch Generation of printable QR Codes on web for Assets & Equipment app.
  •  Built-in scanning in the mobile app
  • QR Code Developer API  for your custom UpviseJS apps


Step 1: Generate and Print QR Codes from Web

  1. On your browser, start the Equipment or Assets web app.
  2. Edit one or more Asset or Equipement and enter a Serial Number
  3. In the View Equipment (or Asset) screen, click on the Download icon / QR Code.
  4. It will download a printable PDF file with the QR Code of the equipment
  5. For testing, you can just open the PDF file on your computer.

qrcode web1

Step 2: Scan code with your phone

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Upvise Android app (v5.7.4) from Google Play
  2. Start the Equipment or Assets app, then tap Lookup > Scan
  3. It will start the built-in phone camera. Point it at the QR Code on your computer screen with the QR Code PDF file open
  4. That’s it. It will automatically scan the code and display the Equipment or Asset record for this equipment

Batch Generation of QR Codes
You can batch generate QR Codes from any equipment group or Asset group.

  • In the desired list view of your web app, click on Download icon then QR Codes.
  • It will generate a multi page printable PDF Page with all the QR Codes for the current list view of records.
  • Print the PDF document containing all QR Codes, cut each code with scissors and stick or glue them on your equipment or asset.
  • Each PDF Page contains up to 45 QR Codes.

Note: Upvise also support NFC Tags to lookup Equipements in addition of QR Codes.



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