Online Batch geocoding of Contacts and Companies

We have introduced an online batch geocoding function in the Contacts web app.

The Position field, i.e. geo coordinates, for each Contact or Company is used in functions like Nearby Contacts or Map View. Whenever you type in an address, the geo-coordinates are computed on the fly and the Position field is automatically updated. However contacts are not geocoded during an Import. You can use the batch geocoding function in this case.

Goto the Map tab in the Contact or Company list. Two new tabs give the list of items that have No address or No Geocode information. Click on the Batch geocode button to start the geocoding. Only items which have a valid address, i.e at least a City, can be geocoded.

N.B.: a maximum limit of 2000 items (contacts or companies) can be geocoded per day. If you have more than this number of items, you will need to repeat the geocoding operation over several days.


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