Upvise Web Apps Performance Upgrade

We are pleased to announce you that we deployed a significant web framework update.

1. Support of All Web browsers for big database size (> 5MB)
Up to now, we strongly recommended to use Google Chrome for such customers. We now fully support the latest versions
of Safari , Firefox, Internet Explorer 11 & Microsoft Edge (Microsoft’s new default browser on Windows 10)

2. Instant web app start and app switching.
It means that opening the browser the second time (after sign-in) or switching back and forth between web apps is instantaneous.

3. OFFLINE Support of web apps (once loaded).
We handle the case of internet connection loss, just like the native mobile apps.
You can modify, change, create new records while being offline. When internet connection is restored, the data will be sent to the cloud server.

4. Official Support of Upvise Web Apps on Safari on iPad and Chrome on Android.
The Upvise web app should also works much faster on iPad using Safari or Chrome as well.
(We still recommend to use the native mobile apps on tablet)

5. Enhanced Database debugging when developing web apps.
Using the Developers Tools > Resources > Indexed DB view in Google Chrome, developers can browser the entire
table set and records of the local synced database and access application version information.

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