Duplicate Form with new date in xx days

In this template, the data from a submitted Form is copied over to a new Form with the same template and a new date in 7 days.

The Javascript code entered in the Execute on Submit field in the Form template Properties is as follows:

var form2 = {};
form2.templateid = form.templateid;
form2.status = 0;
form2.name = Forms.getNewName(form2.templateid);
form2.owner = User.getName();
form2.date = Date.today(7);
form2.geo = Settings.getLocation();
form2.address = Settings.getAddress(form.geo);
form2.linkedtable = form.linkedtable;
form2.linkedid = form.linkedid;

var values2 = {};
values2.F1 = F1;
values2.F2 = F2;
values2.F3 = F3;
form2.value = JSON.stringify(values2);

Query.insert(“Forms.forms”, form2);

return 1;

Change the value 7 in Date.today(7) to the number of days from Today you want for the new form date.
Change the values F1, F2, etc.. to the field IDs in your own template.

Download and Import the sample template to the Templates section of the Forms app in your web account:

Duplicate Form with new date in 7 days


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