New Staff Activity Report for Sales Web App

We just introduced a new Staff Activity Report for the Sales app.
You can find it in the Sales Web app in the left pane, under the Reports section.

It gives you an overview of a staff sales activity on a week by week period. The following indicators are available:

  • Number of new deals
  • Number of new quotes
  • Number of meetings (calendar events)
  • Number of of call logs
  • Number of deal notes
  • Number of forms

For each indicator, the current value for the week is displayed, along with the difference with the previous month average between brackets. This gives an instant performance indicator. To switch between weeks, simply click on the bar chart.

The main view also displays an aggregate activity index weekly chart.
This index is the sum of each of the individual indicators, but giving quotes and deal indicators a x10 weighted factor compared to the other supporting sales activity, like phone call, meetings or deal notes.

You can also get more detailed list of the activity by clicking on the different tabs, like Meetings, deals….
On each specific indicator tab view, you also get a historical bar chart. By clicking on each bar, the detail list of items is displayed instantly below.



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