New Deal Features in Sales app

We added some cool new features in Deals, in the Sales app:

Filter by Region
On the Web you can now filter your deals by region. Simply create regions in the Contacts app and assign Companies to it.
Then, create deals for a given company, we will automatically filter your deals for the company region.

There is also a new dashboard chart displaying Deal forecast by region.

Smarter deal list view
In the deal list view, next to the deal name, the last note attached to the deal is displayed in gray. It makes it easier to see at a glance the last activity related to this deal. You can also right click the deal and add a new note from the list view.

New Deal company and contact.
On the web, when you create a new deal for a new company, you have the option to click on the Add New link on the company combo box to create a new company. You can also do the same for contact and create a new contact automatically linked to the newly created company, without leaving the new deal screen.

New Notes tab in View Deal screen on mobile
We moved the note list from the Activity tab to a new Notes tab to make it faster to see all the latest note activity related to the deal.

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