New Recurring Jobs with Scheduling

We just introduced a better way to create recurring jobs to support recurring job scheduling.

Create Recurring Jobs
To create a recurring job,

  1. Create a regular job on the Jobs web app and fill in all desired values like Company, address, job owner and estimated duration.
  2. Make sure that the job status is set to “Open”.
  3. Click on the Make Recurring button on the toolbar.
  4. Select a period and an end date. Then click Create.

This will create all the job instances and they will be visible in the Calendar scheduling tool.

Modifying one job instance
To modify a job instance, click edit and change its values. This will not affect other recurring jobs in the same series.

Modifying all upcoming job instances
If you want to modify some value for all upcoming jobs, like changing the job owner, time, address or frequency,

  1. Edit the next open job in the series, then click Delete Upcoming button. This will delete all upcoming jobs in the same serie, but not the current job instance.
  2. Change all the jobs values  you want
  3. Click again on Make Recurring and set the new job frequency and end date.

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