Automatic Task creation on Form submission

When a Form is submitted, you can automatically create a new task in Upvise, using values input in the form.

To do this, enter the appropriate Javascript code in the Execute on Submit field in the Form template Properties.


var values = {};
values.duedate = F1; = F2;
values.contactid = F3;
values.owner = User.getName();
values.startdate =;
var id = Query.insert("Tasks.tasks", values);
App.alert("New Task Created!");
return 1;

Download and Import the sample to the Templates section of the Forms app in your web account:

Automatic Task Creation


2 thoughts on “Automatic Task creation on Form submission

  1. This feature is fantastic!
    Just a little question: is it possible to refer to the Id of the form being submitted?

    For example, I tried

    values.note = ‘Automatically created from form # ‘ + id;

    But this doesn’t work (id has no value).



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