Online Lead Collection using Public Forms

You can use the Forms app to collect leads directly from your web site.

Here’s how to in 3 simple steps:

1. Goto the Forms web app Templates section and Import this Form Template into your account:

Online Lead Collection

2. Open the template and click on the Sharing tab. Then click Enable Public.

Public Form URL: The form can be made public by setting the Enable Public option in the Sharing tab of the Form template. A public URL is made available, where external users can fill in and submit the form. Submitted form values are posted into the Upvise Forms database.

3. Link from your web site to the Public URL.

Note that you can customize the form template with your own fields, titles, etc…

Each time a visitor to your site fills in the Online Lead Collection form and clicks on Submit Form, this will create a new form which appears in your Upvise account, in the Forms app, in the Leads group.

You can Export all collected forms as a CSV file for use in a third-party app.

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