Upvise for Real Estate agents

Real estate agents can use a combination of Upvise modules to manage their business:
  • Contacts: To Manage clients. Buyers and Sellers can be classified in separate groups. Phone call management function automatically logs calls to clients
  • Assets: To manage Properties: including location on a map. You can attach pictures of property – taken on site.
  • or
  • Forms can be created for each Property and you can define templates with custom fields to capture data off or on site about a Property.
  • Calendar: To schedule meetings with clients, visits to properties with Buyers.
  • Tasks: manage all the things you need to do related to your business, including callbacks to buyers.
  • Notebooks: To store call logs and notes about property visits, i.e. when you can create a Meeting note from an event in the Calendar.
All the data captured for a client is conveniently grouped under the contact entry, and gives you access to a complete history of the activity related to each client (assets, visits, notes, tasks,…).
If several agents are working together in a group, data can easily be shared amongst co-workers.

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