Jobs App Enhancements

We added the following new features on the Jobs Web and Mobile app:

  • You can now assign a Job to multiple users.
  • When you pause and restart a job, the total actual job duration is now corrected computed
  • On the Mobile, in the Calendar app, you can now create a new Job from the + popup  button
  • On the Web Interface: the job description is now visible next to the address in the list view and in the calendar view.
  • Redesigned Options screen (in More button > Options):
  • Option to hide the products and services price for standard users on the mobile.
  • Customize the default Job duration
  • Option to allow mobile users to Reject an assigned Job (Reject button will appear below Check-in button on mobile)
  • Simple Job Status (remove the Check-in state on mobile)
  • Options to show/hide default fields in the Checkout screen: note, photo, signature



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