Invoices Enhancements: easily track overdue & not sent invoices

We added 2 new statuses for Invoices:

Sent To Client

  • a flag indicating if an invoice has been sent to the client or not.
  • When an PDF invoice is sent by email from the mobile app or web app, the flag Sent to Client is automatically set.
  • If you download, print and send manually the invoice, you can edit the invoice and set this flag.

Due Date

  • By default, the due date is set to 1 month after the invoice creation date.
  • You can change this default settings on the web in More button > Options > Invoice tab.
  • You can also edit the Overdue date in any invoice.

When browsing the list of Invoices, we now display the number of No Sent and Overdue invoices.

  • On the web, simply click on Invoices from the left pane
  • On the mobile app, tap on Invoices item, tap the Filter icon on the toolbar, then Status item




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