New Upvise version 5.1 for Android

We just released a new version of Upvise 5.1 for Android phones and tablets.

It contains a lot of UI improvements, to make it simpler, cleaner and more efficient

Top Action Bar

  • New refresh indicator as a horizontal progress bar below the action bar,
  • New gesture: Swipe down to refresh the page (you can also continue to use the Refresh menu item)

Left Side View

  • Updated Left Application Pane, which slides on top the current view
  • New grip indicator next to the Upvise icon,

Phone Call Log duration auto compute.

  • When the Automatic incoming phone call settings is enabled, the call duration is automatically computed for you.
  • You can always edit it in the Move Note screen.

New Sort By icon in most List views
In Deals, Quotes, Tasks, Notes, Ideas for quick sorting & filtering options

Simplified Edit Screens
For Tasks, Events, Contacts and Companies with a Show More button at the bottom of the page.

Cleaner Calendar view

  • Only horizontal lines are displayed
  • Only the days of the current month are visible

Cleaner Contact View Screen

  • The job title and company name are now displayed in one line.
  • The send SMS feature is now available by pressing the SMS icon next to the phone call icon,

Cleaner Task & Event Screen
The Time field is now of the same line next to the Date field,


contact sideview


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