How to Integrate Upvise with MailChimp to create Email Marketing Campaigns

You can easily export emails address to the popular MailChimp web service  to send and manage email marketing campaigns.

On Upvise

  1. Go to your Upvise Web Account and click on Contacts apps
  2. Organize your Upvise Contacts into different list using  groups.
  3. Click on one group on the left pane and click on Send button > Mass Mailing Tool
  4. Click on Download CSV file. This will download the list of emails for the group to your computer

on MailChimp

  1. Make sure your have created a free MailChimp account
  2. Log in into MailChimp
  3. Click on Lists on the top of the page, then Create List Button
  4. Enter  a List name, for Example, Upvise List, and click Save
  5. click on Import, and select your previously downloaded CSV File

You’re done!

You can now create and send email marketing campaigns using your Upvise Email Address list.


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