Notes & Call Log Enhancements

  • 1. When adding a new “Call Log” or “Callback” for a Contact/company, there is an option to link to an existing Opportunity or Project
  • 2. The view and edit call log screens are now the same as the standard notes (with the nice Activity tab). Which means it is easy to view and modify the call log link to existing an Opportunity or Project.
  • 3. There is now a  new “Log Call” item in the new Activity popup list in the view Contact/Company screen
  • 4. When displaying notes linked to a Contact / Company, there is a blue tag below the note title, which indicates  the type of note: phone call, meeting, email or folder name
  • 5. There is a new “Emails” folder on the Notes start page to show all your notes sent by your Upvise email dropbox address
  • 6. New Call Log button in the Notes > Call Log screen

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