Read Only Access Rights for Standard Users

We just added some new User Management Rights features:

  • Administrator & Managers can now set Read-Only access rights to a folder for any Standard User in the Notebooks & Files app
  • Standard Users will see all records in the folder but will not be able to edit or delete the record.
  • It applies both for the Android / Windows Phone and Web based interface.  iPhone version will come next week.

To manage Read Only Access right for Standard Users :

  • Go to the Notes  or  Files web application
  • Click on More Button > Edit folders,
  • Add the Users you want to the Viewers field and click Save

Sharing of Contacts/ Companies & Ideas :

By default, Contacts, Companies & Ideas are only visible to the owner(s) or the record. You can override this behavior and allow to share data items with read0nly rights to Standard Users:

  • Go to the Contacts or Ideas web application
  • Click on More popup button > Options
  • Check : Data shared by all users then Save

Here is a short recap on User Rights management in Upvise.

Standard Users

  • have access to the applications and data items assigned to them by Administrators
  • have rights to create new records
  • have rights to edit / delete the records they own
  • have read only view of records they don’t own but it shared to them by Managers

Manager Users

  • Full access right to all records (View, New, Edit, Delete)
  • Can Import / Export records as CSV


  • Have all Manager rights plus:
  • Create new User, change User Types
  • Define which application users can use
  • Access to Activity Log, Backup / Restore / Notifications / Purchase Licenses from the Settings menu

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