Google Drive integration with Upvise

You can now attach files stored in Google Drive to your data items in Upvise.

In your web account,

  • When you open e.g. a contact or other data item, click the New button, then select Attach File. You will see an option to Select a file in Google Drive.
  • Log on to your Google account  if it is not already the case or create a Google account if you don’t already have one.
  • From here you can either check an document already present in your Google Drive and link it to an Upvise record or you can also upload a new document from your computer.

On your mobile phone, you can view attached files stored in Google Drive.

When you click on a attached file in Upvise, then tap the Open button, it  will:

  • either open the file with your mobile web browser (this requires an Internet Connection)
  • or open it directly with the Google Drive application if it is installed on your Android phone. You can even edit the document in the the Google Drive App,



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