New Upvise Calendar app

We have released a Calendar application, to manage your events, appointments, and sync them between your phone and web account.

  • Events are shared between all the users in your company, so you can easily check for time conflicts when setting appointments.
  • Your tasks, milestones, project issues, sales opportunities and work order due dates are displayed along with events in the Calendar view.
  • Events can be linked to your existing Upvise Contacts or Companies.

Export to iCal and Google Calendar integration: see your events, tasks, etc.. in Google Calendar by adding the URL address of the Upvise iCal feed. Click on the iCal Export link in your Upvise Calendar web application for more information.

To add the Upvise Calendar application:

  1. Go to to your Upvise Web Account here:
  2. Click on the home top left blue button and then click on Add More App
  3. Add the Calendar app to your list of apps.

2 thoughts on “New Upvise Calendar app

  1. Love the calendar but, it would be nice to be able to setup recurring appointments like recurring task. I have several weekly conference calls and I have to enter them each week.

  2. I was able to get tasks to link up, but; so far, I cannot get the all or the events to link up to Gmail. I unsubscribed tasks to see if there was some sort of conflict but that changed nothing. So, even though after pasting the link into the Import URL dialog and receiving a imported successfully message along with the Upvise subscription showing in other calendars, I do not see my new events. Does anyone have suggestions?

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