Upvise on Windows Phone 7

We are pleased to announce Upvise is now available on Windows Phone 7.
To install it, just search for Upvise in the Market Place app on your phone.

Key Features:
1 – Clean, minimalistic User Interface
2 – Works offline, with optimized & secure synchronization protocol
3 – Fast and reliable
4 – Full Integration with Windows Phone 7, Bing Maps for address,
Phone dialer, Email & SMS composer for Contacts, Camera support.

3 thoughts on “Upvise on Windows Phone 7

  1. I’d never heard of Upvise, until i saw in featured on the WP7 Marketplace, and love it! It makes my phone a REALLY powerful business device! Great work!

    Installing the Chrome extension, which will be awesome being about to access from my desktop (using Chrome Browser) and phone (WP7)

    • Yes, all your data will be synced between your Windows Phone 7 mobile phone and your Web Account at Upvise and you can access it with any Web browser on any computer. It works very well with Chrome Chrome, Internet Explorer 9, Safari 5 or Firefox 4.

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