Home Icon not working with the Contacts Old web application

You may have experienced this problem in your Upvise web account: when you open the account, you can only see your Contacts and clicking on the Home icon to display the list of other apps does not work.

This is probably because you are using the Contacts Old application, which is no longer supported in the web interface. With the Contacts Old app open, the Home icon does not work.

What you need to do is first export all your Contacts from your web account, with the Export link.

Then goto the Upvise Settings / Add Remove Apps page (https://www.upvise.com/uws/settings/applist.aspx), and add the (new) Contacts app.

Goto the new Contacts app with this direct link:

And import your Contacts CSV file from the old application.

Once you have opened the new Contacts app, this will be the default app that will re-open each time. With this app, the home icon will work. It’s only with the Contacts Old app that the home icon doesn’t work.

Once your contacts have been imported, you can safely remove the old Contacts app from the Manage Apps section.


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