How to Import Shopping Lists with Categories

To import items with categories into shopping lists, you have to do the import in two steps.

First you import your category and list names into the Upvise Shopping Lists app by going to Edit Lists and Edit Categories in your web account, and clicking on the Import link.

This is how your CSV file should look like to import the names:

id, title
“Books and DVDs”, “Books and DVDs”
“Fruits and Veggies”, “Fruits and Veggies”

Note that the id field can be any string, as long as it is unique within the list of names. So you can use the name of the category or list as an id.

The second step is to import your items. The categoryid and listid are the ids that you used when importing the names.
So this is an example how your CSV should look like:

title, listid, categoryid
“Apples”, “Groceries”, “Fruits and Veggies”

Note that you don’t need to specify the id for the item, as our server automatically creates a unique one for each item. You also don’t need to specify all the fields that are in the export, they will be automatically set to the default value if not present.

Your items will be imported and automatically mapped with the imported categories and lists.

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