File attachments

You can now attach files, e.g. documents, pictures,.. to any Contact, Company, Project, Task, Opportunity or Quote. The files can be of any type, and are uploaded from your Upvise web account.

You can then access the files, either from your web account or on your mobile.  On the mobile you have the option to download the file directly to the device, if you have the appropriate application installed on your phone to handle the file, i.e. JPG picture files can usually be viewed in the web browser, Word or Excel can be opened in Documents To Go.

If this first option doesn’t work out, you also have the option to send the file to your account email, and open it from your phone’s built-in email application. For example Office documents (Word, Excel…) can be viewed from within the Blackberry email application or from Gmail on an Android phone.

9 thoughts on “File attachments

  1. Is there anyway to upload attached files from the device. I am using a WM device and I am creating excel invoices from the device that I would like to attach to the contacts. Also can you contact me about developing custom software for my business. Thanks.

    • You can now attach pictures, taken with your phone camera, directly from the mobile device, in Contacts and Projects. We are looking into how to attach any type of file.

  2. That is really great! It would be awesome if pictures could be attached to expenses. If that option were available then we could obviously record receipts this way.

  3. I can not get my WM Tilt 2 to take pictures in Upvise : ( . The button is there but it does not do anything. also it would be fantastic if when adding a product to a quote that a picture could be added at that time instead of having the same picture used. I say this because I sell a service and a picture of the work to be performed would be a good addition to the estimate. BTW allowing custom price changes makes this program usable for me, that is part of the reason I am back. I will be getting a subscription this time and I hope you have time to work with me on some of my custom needs.

    • You can attach a file to a Job by sending an email to your Dropbox. Your Dropbox email can be found in your web account Settings.

      1. Create a new email message with your Dropbox email account as recipient
      2. The subject and the email body will be the note content
      3. Link your note to a job by adding the following flag as the first line of your email message body:
      /job aJobNameorId
      aJobNameorId is either the name of the Job or the internal Upvise id

      A new note will be created in Notebooks, linked to the Job, and any files attached to the email will be linked to this job.

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