Recurring Tasks

We have enhanced the Upvise Tasks app with recurring tasks, ie tasks that repeat with a given frequency.

When you edit a task, you can now set a Frequency: daily, weekly, monthly, every 3 or 6 months, yearly or a custom frequency expressed as number of days. When you mark the task as completed, a new task is automatically created with a due date set to today’s date plus the preset frequency.

8 thoughts on “Recurring Tasks

  1. Developed well, recurring tasks feature could bring Upvise many customers from Toodledo and RTM. As is now, you need to have two ways to recur a task: by number of days from the day the task was previously performed (OK) and by a specific date each month or year (needed).

    Also a way to determine when a task due in the future should show up in the list is needed for people with nearly a hundred tasks (people who would pay $49 a year).

    • Thanks for your interesting feedback. Concerning the recurring tasks, we could add an option on each task to renew the task either from the previous due date or from the completed date. Example: if a task is due on Sep 15th with a frequency of one month, and you mark it as completed on Sep 17th, in the first case the new due date is set to Oct 15th, in the second case it is set to Oct 17th. Would this be OK?

      About your second question, does this refer to the web interface or the mobile? On the mobile, tasks are grouped by date, so you can already filter future tasks that way. You can also use lists to group tasks in a diffrerent view. Or is your issue more when you have too many overdue tasks in the web interface?

  2. Regarding recurring tasks, yes, this better and OK. But not great. Let’s call them relative and absolute recurring tasks where relative one means the task will recur x days from the completion date. This is what Upvise already do well. The absolute type need to have more flexibility if you’re aiming for greatness. Some task recur on specific date each month or year, i.e., Oct 15th, Nov 15th, etc. Some every Wednesdays and Fridays. And, some every last work day of each month; this is when some people pay their monthly dues. Furthermore, greatness demands every other/three/four/n Monday/month/year as well. I’m sure you have encountered a Psion in your Mobipocket days. It was the hand-held with the best task recurring settings to this day.

    Date/list grouping is already an excellent feature of Upvise. Please add an option to filter the lists in addition to grouping, web and mobile, using the start date. Tasks with start date in the future should be hidden so the “Later” list could be shorter. The items in lists on mobile don’t show the due date until we open the item so this will save a lot of rechecking for the users. Some annual tasks that take a few minutes to do shouldn’t be seen all year long.

    Overdue tasks are my problems because I’m too lazy. With Upvise, I intend to clear up these soon.

    • We have recently changed the way the recurring tasks work. The new due date is now computed by adding the frequency to the current due date, i.e if a task is due on 15th October and the frequency is one week, when you mark the task as “Completed”, the new due date will be 22nd October. This corresponds more or less to your “absolute recurring task” scenario.

      We have removed the previous functionality (where new due date was computing by adding the frequency to the completion date) for the time being, because based on the feedback we have received, this was not a very useful option. Do you actually require this option on some of your tasks?

      • In your new computation, would a monthly frequency for 22nd October recur on the 21st November? It seems your algorithm assumes a 30 day month.

        I actually prefer the previous set up unless there is a more sophisticated way to specify the recurring tasks, i.e., every Wednesday, every 15th of each month.

        People procrastinate all the time and some tasks, mostly self-scheduled ones, better recur after the date they are last performed. Other recurring tasks scheduled for you by other people such as dues should be made on a specific day or date each month or week. BUT this new calculation will yield date error.

        I would hate to redo a weekly task in the next few days because I have already postponed it for a few days already. My example is a weekly aquarium water change. The fish don’t mind if I change a few days late (i.e. 3 days after due date =10 days). But, I would mind if Upvise would remind me to change water again in 4 days (7 day schedule).

  3. Hi guys,
    Would it be possible to be able to view a single task list using the Overdue, Today, Tomorrow groups ON THE BLACKBERRY.. its really annoying.. everything is clumped together…. i want to just have the same functionality you do on the web/desktop app… On the Blackberry you have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen if you want to Complete a Task. Regarding Completed Tasks, I would like to get a feeling of satifaction by seeing what i have accomplished Today, Yesterday and Last Week etc… at the moment on your web/desktop app everything is again clumped together… Thanks 🙂

    • We have changed the Completed Tasks view in the web interface based on your feedback, i.e you can now see tasks completed Today, Yesterday, etc..

      On the mobile device, the tasks are grouped by date, i.e Overdue, Today, Tomorrow,.. Compared to the web interface, there is an additional click to see the list of tasks in each date group. But we think that it’s better to keep the 2-level grouping on a smaller screen. If you have lots of tasks and you display them all on the same screen, it’s going to be difficult to navigate down to each group.

      Concerning the “complete a task” functionality, would it help if the “Mark as Completed” were in the Blackberry menu? This way you would only have to open the Blackberry menu and select the function, rather than have to scroll down to the bottom.

    • We just released a new version of the Upvise client v2.6.3.
      When you view a task on your phone, It adds the “Mark Complete” item in the menu, so that you do not have to scroll to the end of the page to use this feature.
      Just press the menu button and select “Mark Complete” and you are done!

      you can get the latest v2.6.3 build at from your phone.

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