New Sales application

We have introduced a new Sales app to help you manage your leads, sales opportunities, as well as products and quotes.

A lead is a contact that can potentially lead you to new business. Whenever you meet someone that can be relevant to your business, just enter the person’s contact info in the Leads section. With the task wizard, you can quickly add one of the preset tasks like Call, Email or Setup a meeting with the person. It’s also easy to convert the lead into a new Opportunity. 

Keep track of your business opportunities and make sure you never miss any deadlines by setting a due date. The app automatically groups opportunities so that you know which are overdue, to be handled this week or later.  To get things done efficiently, you can easily create tasks related to the opportunity using one of the preset actions like Call, Email or Setup a meeting. The tasks will also appear in the Upvise Tasks app. You can also manage notes and create a quote for the opportunity.

With Products and Quotes, you can manage a database of items that you sell and then easily create a draft quote by adding items from the Products database. The total amount of the quote is calculated automatically, including discounts and sales tax if applicable. The default currency and sales tax used for Products is a new setting in your user account.

Important note: Opportunities previously listed under the Business Contacts app now appear in the Sales app and data was automatically copied to the new application for existing user accounts.

Upvise Sales is a Premium application.

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