Updated Upvise client for Google Android

We just published some bug fixes for the Upvise client for Google Android / G1 T-mobile phone. Thanks a lot to all Upvise Android users who tested and gave us very usefull feedback on our first build for Android.
To donwload the latest version, go to the Google Android Market on the phone and search for Upvise. Then click on the Download button.
Bug fixes:
  • when the keybaord slides open, and the phone goes into landscape mode, Upvise does not go to the home screen anymore. it stays on the current screen. This was a critical bug specially when you wanted to edit items.
  • the scrolling behavior for lists and text is now the same as the standard Android applications. It now grabs the text.
  • the next / previous item feature using the trackpad now works fine.
  • Error popup messages are noew displayed correctly.

  • the Edit box has been improved and allow for long text entries to be scrolled and edited correctly. 
  • Also numeric and phone number entry constraints are now supported. 
  • The edit box has a better look & feel with better positionning of the edit box widget and support of the enter key to save the changes.  
  • The password is now hidden when is it entered and displayed.

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