Backup and Restore for Business accounts

We have introduced the Backup and Restore functionality for all Upvise business accounts.

A full backup of all the data in the account can be performed by the administrator of a business account. Administrators can also configure automatic daily or weekly backups at a specified time, with an option to be notified by email when a backup is performed. The last five most recent backups are stored in your account, and you can download them at any time for archiving purposes.

A backup file is a zipped SQLite database which contains all the data tables used by the Upvise applications of the account. The file can be opened with e.g. the graphical SQLite Administrator tool.

Backup files can be password-protected (ZIP file password).

To restore a backup, you can either upload a backup file previously downloaded from your account or restore one of the backups stored in your account. The restore operation is a full replacement of the data, i.e. all existing data, data structures and application information are overwritten.

After you perform a Restore operation, user accounts in Upvise mobile clients are automatically reset at their next network connection, i.e. the local cache is cleared and the navigation returns to the main application list, in order to ensure a smooth loading of the restored data (Functionality available in version to be released shortly).

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