New Upvise Mobile client version 1.9

We just released a new version of the Upvise client, version 1.9. It is available for Java, Symbian, Blackberry & Windows Mobile. This new version contains several subtle but majors User Interface improvements:

1) The main visible feature is a new indicator on the right side of items in a list, which displays the number of items you will find in the next page if you click on this list item. it is very usefull in applications like Notebooks, Workspaces, Contacts or Projects because it gives you an instant overview on how many items belongs to a particular company, group, or workspace.



2) The second important UI feature is a new  Filter item, with a gray background arrow, usually found in the first item in a list which allows to refine or filter the items in the list.


3) The third feature is an enhanced display and layout for intermediate pages, which used to be dsplayed like regular lists, but which actually are more menu like page. There is a new light gray background and button like items. The delete page confirmation has also been upgraded.


All Upvise applications, both for personal and for Business accounts have been upgraded to take advantage of this new UI features and requires the upgrade to the latest Upvise Mobile client version 1.9.


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