Improvements to the Shopping List app (requires min v1.9 of Upvise)

You can now set an aisle number for a shopping item. If you create a list for each store, you can then filter the list by aisle number when you go shopping, and just walk down each aisle to collect your items.

Categories are now common to all lists, so you can use the same category in different lists. This is especially useful when you create one list per store.

We have added a link to All Shopping Items from the home screen of the app. This enables you to see the whole database of shopping items in one screen. That way you don’t need to classify your items in lists, you can just add new items that you need to buy, in one global list.

There is also now a “Need to buy” left button menu from the home screen. When you want to quickly add an item to the To Buy list, press “Need to buy” to open the list of All Items, type in the first few letters of the item you need to buy, and press Enter to add it to the To Buy list. Or if the item doesn’t exist yet, press Back to clear the alphabetical filter, then press New Item to add it to the database.

We have also added Import and Export links so that you can import a database of items
from third-party applications, as well as Export the set of items you have created with Upvise.


2 thoughts on “Improvements to the Shopping List app (requires min v1.9 of Upvise)

  1. shopping list in off-line connection does not work. No data is available. Other topics like “Contacts” and “Notebooks” do work properly in off-line mode.

    Can you help me out?



  2. Aisle data does not appear when imported online and is not available on handheld when entered manually. This is a key feature! Any suggestions out there on how to get it working?

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