New Upvise v1.8 for Blackberry

A new version of Upvise v1.8 beta is available for Blackberry users:

  • You can now signin using your email / password in addition to the Upvise Pairing Code
  • The font used in Upvise is now the default system font you choose for your phone in the Blackberry Settings > Keyboard and screen. This way you can customize the font style in the Upvise appplication.
  • The font is also anti-aliased and looks much better on the latest Blackberry OS v4.3 and higher
  • a critical bug related to the Back function on OS v4.3 (model 8130) has been corrected
  • Upvise now works seamlessly with the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS), in addition to Corporate Blackberry servers (MDS) and also direct TCP.
  • Performance when displaying a lot of items in a list has been dramatically improved (2 to 3 times faster)
  • There is no limit anymore on the size of the local storage

You can download the latest Upvise client for Blackberry here.

3 thoughts on “New Upvise v1.8 for Blackberry

  1. This CRM looks simply excellent, trying ver 1.8 on my BB pearl and so far its a great tool.
    Thanks a lot for this great work! Now I have to look if any cool apps are there to customize the platform.

  2. I am an individual user looking for a replacement for my palm/treo. What I need is a way to sync and view information on my PC, Mac, and phone (with web based version, too). I have been looking at Evernote, which is a very good app for that, except it does not allow offline info storage on the phone. Your app looks very promising, but I cannot figure out if it has a desktop app (for PC and mac) to complement the phone app.

  3. I’m a developer and your timing for releasing this could not have have more ideal. I’m very very excited! Is there a develper forum yet?

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