Updated Upvise RSS News Reader

We just updated the RSS News Reader application, based on your requests and feedback

  • the list of feeds is now displayed on the first home page of the RSS news app. It means that you have to do 2 clicks to read your news only, instead of 4 previously : you select the RSS News app in the Upvise home page and then you select your feed : and you see all the latest articles. This was a top request and got numerous beta testers asking why it took so many clicks to just star reading. Well, we did it.
  • we also changed the article view : the article title is now displayed in the page content, not on the top caption. Often titles were too long to fit and were truncated, you can now see the complete title in the page. We also added the publication date of the end of the article view.
  • The starred articles link is also displayed on the home page, after the feed list, just like a custom feed in fact, makes sense, doesn’t it?
  • the Add New Feed link is now in the left menu bar on the home page too. If there is no feed in the home page, you also get a nice Add New Feed in the list.

How to install the Upvise News Reader application:

  • You need to have Upvise client application installed on your mobile phone.
  • The install of the latest News Reader application should be automatic on your phone, simply start Upvise and select the News Reader application, it will download automatically the latest version. 

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