Updated Mobile Business Contacts Application

We’ve just updated the Mobile Business Contacts application:

The main feature is that you can now associate Tasks and Opportunities not only to a Company, but also to a Contact.

When you view a Contact on your mobile phone, you now have 2 additional links : Open Tasks and Opportunities for this contact. When you click on one of these items, you see the list of tasks or opportunities for the given contact. At the top of the list, there is a new Tasks or Opportunity item you can use to quickly add a new task or a new opportunity for this contact. 

The same feature is available on your Web account too. 2 new tabs, Tasks and Opportunities now appear in the Contact view, (just like the ones in the Company view).

We also upgraded the display when browsing all tasks and opportunities: We added a link just next to the task or opportunity name, corresponding to the associated contact or company. This way you can quickly navigate between contacts, companies, opportunities and tasks. 

Also  some other minor updates:

  • there is a new website field to associate a webpage URL with a contact. You can also now put rich HTML editing in the note field of a contact.
  • in the company list view, the website field is now displayed as a link. There is also an Edit link at the right to directly edit the company, (instead of going to the company view by clicking on the record). Phone and fax are now grouped together in the same column and you can click on them to initiate a Skype phone call.
  • in the contact view, mobile and phone numbers are also grouped in one column and you can click on them to start a Skype phone call too.
  • Opportunities and tasks list views also have the Edit link at the right of each item.
  • the Back link displayed on most pages works now much better.

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