Import and Export functionality in Upvise web applications

We have added Import and Export functions in your web account.

You can now export as a CSV file:

  • your business contacts, related tasks and opportunities,
  • your project tasks, issues and milestones
  • your workspaces and posts,
  • your personal contacts or groups of contacts,
  • your personal notes and notebooks

Exporting allows you to re-import into another application, to re-import into another Upvise application, e.g. you can export contacts from the Personal Contacts app, and re-import into the Business Contacts, or simply to backup your data.

Importing is also available for all the above applications. You can import CSV files, exported from Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express, Gmail, Yahoo or Mac Address Book. You can also import CSV files from Upvise.

It can be useful to create a group to import your contacts, or create a special notebook or workspace to import your notes/posts, so that you can classify the imported items separately.

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