Unyverse becomes Upvise: Launch of Upvise Business Edition

With the launch of our Business Edition, our software has been rebranded from Unyverse to Upvise. Unyverse Pte Ltd is still our company name, and we now offer two types of user accounts:

The Upvise Personal Edition includes the same applications as previously, i.e. Wikipedia, RSS News, Contacts, Notebooks, Shopping lists. Existing Unyverse user accounts are converted to Upvise Personal accounts. When you download the update from the Unyverse software on your mobile, will see a new Upvise program icon after download. All your apps and data are now accessible in this new version. You can delete the Unyverse program from your device.

Upvise Business Edition is our new offer for small businesses. It provides mobile on-demand collaboration software and hosted services, which enable a team to access, share and update key critical company data anytime anywhere on a mobile phone. The suite of Upvise applications includes a Business Contact Manager, Projects, Workspaces and Users. It is a premium service, but is free during the beta period which will last for about 5 months. So hurry and try it out while it’s free!

Some users may also have noticed that we do not make any reference to wikis anymore. We were previously using the term wiki in a very generic sense as a “medium which can be edited by anyone with access to it”. However we were not actually providing a mobile version of wikis as people have come to know them, i.e. typically in Wikipedia with an article, a revision history, editing in wiki language, etc… As we were perhaps stretching the meaning a bit too far, we have decided to simply use the term “mobile app” instead of wiki.

We are looking forward to your feedback on our new version, and also to ideas and suggestions on how our business apps can be even more useful to your company. 


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