new Unyverse Client version 1.4 Beta

We have great news for you. We have been working hard last month to correct a bunch of bugs and add some cool new features you asked for!

We just released a new version of the Unyverse client version 1.4 beta.
You can download it here : from your desktop or from your device, start Unyverse and go to Settings > About > Check for update

Unyverse v 1.4 new features:
1) Import your phone contacts into the Unyverse Contacts app by selecting the Import Contact item on the phone. This was a top request from you. This is a great way to backup phone contacts and edit them on your computer.
2) iPod / Phone like animation between screens. It was also a request from you. There is a settings to disable it for low end phones.
3) long press on Back menu on Java phone goes to Home screen. This is usefull when you navigate a lot and you want to quickly go back to the Home screen.
4) Back hardware key now minimizes the app on Windows Mobile Smartphone edition when it is on top of the history. This is compliant with the Windows Mobile guidelines
5) Windows Mobile 2003 is now supported
6) Support of Helio Ocean and touch screen Motorola phones (A780 and A1200)

The following bugs have been corrected
1) On Blackberry, in the edit box screen, when modifying the text then clicking on the Back key and selecting Save, the changes are now saved.
2) Better error management when there is no network
3) Up / down arrows scroll indicator for Windows Mobile in the caption
4) more robust server synchronization when adding/modifying items offline and exiting the app without having time to upload the modification
5) A lot of small minor rendering enhancements in the list and text screen.

3 thoughts on “new Unyverse Client version 1.4 Beta

  1. Have you scheduled OPML import for the RSS News component? It’s very popular among other rss clients and it’s kinda annoying to add manually every feed i constantly check. I would import a opml and that would be it.
    nice features.
    keep on walking 🙂

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