How to Backup an important SMS text message from your mobile to your PC

Text messages are used today by everybody on their mobile and in wide range of situations. It may sometimes happen that someone sends you a text message with some important information, that you need to recover on a PC in order to store it or input the data into a desktop application. With Unyverse, you can save the text message to your PC quite easily.

Simple select the text of the SMS using the Copy menu function of your phone’s messaging application [*]. Then goto the Unyverse app and open your Notebooks wiki, click on New Note and select Paste from the Options menu. Click on OK, and you’re done: the note is synced to your PC, and you can access the important text by logging on to your Unyverse account on your computer.

[*] The copy/paste functionality is available on recent Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericsson phones, as well as some Samsung phones.


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