Unyverse for Google Android Mobile Platform

These are exciting times for mobile software companies and for all of us. I’m sure you all know that Google is entering the Mobile Os market and will provide a free open source complete operating system and application player for mass market mobile phones. Mobile phones using the Goolge Android platform should be available second half of 2008.

From a customer point of view, this is just great as it pushes new innovations at an even quicker pace in the mobile phone and mobile software market.

Although the Google announcement does not give a lot of technical details, a complete SDK will be released on Nov 12th 07 and you can be sure we will start working on it as early as next week to provide you a Unyverse client version for the Google phones.

By looking at the YouTube video found on the Open Handset Alliance website, we can figure out there will be a Virtual Machine for the Android platform. Another Open Handset Alliance partner, Esmertec, just announced they are providing a complete Java ME stack for it. It means the current Unyverse version for Java phones might even work on the Google mobile platform…. That’s cool.

Of course, I’m pretty sure we will have some work to have a better and complete integration such as Google Maps or GMail integration, but it is likely we will have a Unyverse client pretty quickly.

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